Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why Volvo Sucks, specifically Borton in the Twin Cities

I purchased a 2008 C30 from Borton Volvo in Golden Valley, not only did they lie to me about the car, they overcharged me $2000 above sticker. I realize I have a part in all of this but I am still frustrated. I recently looked into trading my C30 in as I don't fit in it too well and I was told it depreciated by $15,000. That is over 40%. They also told me I could refi my car with the same bank they recommended within a few months and when I called the bank they told me that I could not. DO NOT BUY A VOLVO EVER!!!!!!!!!

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  1. i think volvo not sucks, suck you, becauso for dealer problems you make guility volvo company, if from bad dealer im buy saab, saab sucks? think what you talking