Friday, December 19, 2008

I heard from Borton today

So, a rep from Borton (the dealer where I bought my car) called me today. He was fairly smug and told me he thought the car would "come back up" and I should hold on to it. Umm, if it has fallen almost 50% in 8 months how in the hell will it "come back up?" I also asked why his dealership is quoting other dealerships $18-$10K for my car and then turning around and offering similar cars for $28K. I.E. they are part of the problem with the depreciation and he was more smug and said "You are welcome to try and sell your car yourself". At the end of the day I just find it so frustrating that dealers like Borton are so self centered and not customer centric at all. And they wonder why people aren't buying their cars and now have to be bailed out by the government (Ford owns Volvo)


  1. Dude, Ford never took a Bailout. Please do your research before you type stupid things.

    1. Ford does not own volvo, not since 2009.

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  3. You need to take down this stupid blog