Friday, December 19, 2008

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Regarding the email from Volvo and what next...

So, I replied to the lame scripted email below and let them know about the blog and facebook group, no response. As for what next, I will continue to share with friends and family my negative experience. If Volvo chooses to make things right then great, if not at least I didn't just sit back and let this slide

Volvo Holiday Greeting

Great timing, this was in my inbox today, I am glad they can send me a lame holiday card but won't help me

I heard from Borton today

So, a rep from Borton (the dealer where I bought my car) called me today. He was fairly smug and told me he thought the car would "come back up" and I should hold on to it. Umm, if it has fallen almost 50% in 8 months how in the hell will it "come back up?" I also asked why his dealership is quoting other dealerships $18-$10K for my car and then turning around and offering similar cars for $28K. I.E. they are part of the problem with the depreciation and he was more smug and said "You are welcome to try and sell your car yourself". At the end of the day I just find it so frustrating that dealers like Borton are so self centered and not customer centric at all. And they wonder why people aren't buying their cars and now have to be bailed out by the government (Ford owns Volvo)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Volvo's First Response by Email

Dear Mr. Dwyer,

Thank you for contacting Volvo Cars of North America.

We are sorry to learn of your recent negative experience at Borton Volvo Golden Valley. We do recognize and value the importance of agreeable experiences with our retailers. We also know that the integrity and dependability of our network of retailers as well as that of our organization is a factor in preserving owner loyalty and commitment to our product.

While our authorized Volvo retailers are independent franchises and responsible for the quality and integrity of the services they provide, they do reflect the Volvo image, you may want to speak to the General Manager.

All of us at Volvo reflect the Volvo image as well. Although we cannot change what has taken place, we can learn from your experiences and make sure that a similar situation isn't repeated. We have forwarded your comments to the appropriate Volvo management for review as an internal matter to address any developmental needs on the part of the retailer.

Mr. Dwyer we appreciate the time you have taken to advise us of your concerns and apologize for any inconvenience.

Customer Care Consultant

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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So I emailed Volvo

and I plan to share with all of you there response....more to come

Why Volvo Sucks, specifically Borton in the Twin Cities

I purchased a 2008 C30 from Borton Volvo in Golden Valley, not only did they lie to me about the car, they overcharged me $2000 above sticker. I realize I have a part in all of this but I am still frustrated. I recently looked into trading my C30 in as I don't fit in it too well and I was told it depreciated by $15,000. That is over 40%. They also told me I could refi my car with the same bank they recommended within a few months and when I called the bank they told me that I could not. DO NOT BUY A VOLVO EVER!!!!!!!!!